Republican leaders support Initiative 2117 to repeal carbon tax, call for public hearings on the measure

House Republican Leader Drew Stokesbary and Senate Republican Leader John Braun released a joint statement today following the certification of Initiative 2117 (Concerning carbon tax credit trading) by the Secretary of State on Tuesday.

“Governor Inslee and Democrats misled the public about the costs of the carbon tax on working families, farmers and small businesses. Now that Washingtonians know the truth, they are pushing back and saying ‘no’ to this regressive tax. 

“Every House and Senate Republican opposed this policy from day one because we knew it would cause serious financial hardships for Washingtonians. We now support its repeal through Initiative 2117. We also believe residents of our state deserve an opportunity to express their opinions on this measure in public hearings in both chambers.

“People are fed up with the dishonesty, especially from the governor who claimed the carbon tax was ‘going to have a minimal impact – if any. Pennies. We are talking about pennies.’ Instead, this policy is contributing to an affordability crisis in Washington. Last year, Washington had the highest gas prices in the nation and our gas prices remain nearly a dollar above the national average. 

“Like most Washingtonians, Republicans in the Legislature care deeply about the environment. Unfortunately, the state’s controversial carbon tax amounts to a highly regressive tax on working families and will have a negligible impact on global carbon emissions. The House and Senate should hold hearings on Initiative 2117 and then pass it this legislative session.”

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