House Republicans condemn Hamas terrorist attacks on Jewish and Israeli civilians; call for Joint Memorial to Congress supporting Israel

Statement from House Republican Leader Drew Stokesbary:

“Washington State House Republicans strongly condemn the violent, calculated, and unprovoked terror attack perpetrated by the terrorist organization Hamas on the Jewish people and the State of Israel, along with anyone in Washington who wishes to celebrate it. We were horrified to witness the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent civilians, including newborn babies, children, women, the elderly, and a University of Washington alumnus. We grieve with the families of those who died and pray for the safe return of those held hostage.

“With the increase in antisemitism and intimidation, including a rally on the University of Washington’s campus supporting Hamas and featuring images that glorified Hamas’s terrorist actions, we want every Jewish person here in Washington to know that House Republicans value you and will support your needs however we can.

“House Republicans believe it is despicable and repugnant to excuse Hamas’s terrorism in any way, explicitly or implicitly. We stand firmly in solidarity with the Jewish community – here in Washington and across the world – against all forms of antisemitism in word or deed. Hatred has no place in our society, particularly here in Washington.

“Moreover, in light of the alarming call for a global ‘day of rage’ today by a former Hamas leader and the alarming behavior at rallies in Washington this week, we urge Washington’s public institutions, law enforcement officials, and municipalities to work diligently to ensure the safety and security of Jewish citizens.

“We support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state to ensure that never again will the Jewish people be denied basic human rights or be left defenseless against those who wish their destruction. The world is watching, and we implore all Washingtonians to stand together to help ensure that ‘never again’ means never again.

“House Republicans will introduce a Joint Memorial on the first day of the next legislative session calling on the United States Congress to provide full and unequivocal support to the State of Israel to defend the historic Jewish homeland, rescue American hostages, and bring justice in response to the terrorist attacks upon innocent Jewish and Israeli civilians. In the meantime, House Republicans will continue to support the Jewish community in Washington and grieve for the lives that were lost. May their memories be a blessing.”


Washington State House Republican Communications