Stokesbary issues statement on House Democrats’ 2021-23 operating budget proposal

Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, released the following statement Friday regarding the 2021-23 operating budget proposed by the majority party in the House:

“While families across our state faced enormous financial stress and uncertainty this past year, state tax collections grew by more than 10 percent. But while state revenues are strong, unemployment remains high and the state has not yet recovered roughly 200,000 of its pandemic-related job losses. 

“I'm stunned the majority party would continue to push a job-crushing capital gains tax at a time when we continue to face high unemployment. Our economic recovery will depend on private investors and entrepreneurs betting on Washington's ingenuity and hard work. However convenient of a political target they may be, taxing investments and innovators is a surefire way to hamper the state's recovery. 

“We already know that an income tax on capital gains is unpopular, having been rejected by voters ten times, and unconstitutional, according to the state Supreme Court. Moreover, the tax is unnecessary, especially in light of the roughly $24 billion in federal stimulus funds that have been funneled to state and local government budgets over the past year.

“House Republicans will continue standing for working families and against policies that would inhibit job growth and derail our state's economic recovery.”


Washington State House Republican Communications