Rep. Drew Stokesbary introduces REAL Recovery for Washington Act

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Rep. Drew Stokesbary introduces REAL Recovery for Washington Act

Representative Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, the Ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, has introduced a comprehensive $4 billion economic recovery package.

The REAL Recovery for Washington Act (House Bill 1334) would provide immediate financial support to struggling families and businesses, accelerate the safe reopening of schools, and expand COVID testing and vaccine administration.

Stokesbary’s plan would spend $2.1 billion from the state’s “rainy-day” fund and other untapped federal sources, along with $1.8 billion in new federal funds approved by Congress last month.

“This $4 billion recovery package addresses our state’s most urgent priorities,” said Stokesbary. “It prioritizes the people of this state so they can continue paying rent, putting food on the table, and helping their children succeed. It prioritizes students, particularly disadvantaged ones, so we can begin closing the opportunity gap that was widened by prolonged remote learning. And it prioritizes our small businesses so they can survive state-mandated shutdowns and get back to creating jobs and revenue for our communities.”

Stokesbary called on the Legislature to take immediate action on the REAL Recovery for Washington Act.

“This bill is urgent. Families and small businesses need a lifeline now,” Stokesbary added. “Solutions to our most urgent problems cannot wait until the final days of session or the next fiscal year. Families, students and small businesses have waited long enough. We should send this bill to the governor’s desk by the end of the month, and he should sign it into law promptly.”

Click here to learn more about the direct payments to families, support for students, and tax relief and grants for small businesses funded in the REAL Recovery for Washington Act.


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