House Republican budget lead Drew Stokesbary criticizes governor’s 2021-23 budget proposal

Rep. Drew Stokesbary, ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee and House Republican budget lead, issued a statement Thursday following Gov. Jay Inslee’s rollout of his 2021-23 budget proposal:

“In the middle of a pandemic, with millions of Washingtonians already out of work or facing an uncertain future, it is unconscionable the governor is now proposing to make health care, gas and home energy even more expensive. His budget also fails, once again, to fund the Working Families Tax Credit with anything more than empty promises. Now, more than ever, hard-working families need relief—not higher costs that will further strain their own budgets.

“Unfortunately for Washington taxpayers, there are virtually no cost-saving measures in the governor’s proposal. Despite constantly increasing tax collections, and even accounting for the current economic slowdown, the governor is still proposing to impose new taxes and drain the state’s ‘rainy day fund,’ all to fuel yet another $4 billion in new spending. Those who hoped for a fiscally-responsible budget will be sorely disappointed.

“This budget also lacks any bold or creative ideas to solve many of Washington’s most pressing challenges. Despite 20,000 Washingtonians currently experiencing homelessness, the governor still does not offer a plan to solve this crisis beyond growing the same programs that have already failed to work. And even after thousands of Washington businesses have shuttered, the governor offers only token relief for the thousands more that are barely hanging on.

“Government lobbyists and progressive activists might appreciate this budget, but it does virtually nothing to help Washington families exhausted by 2020 and anxious about the new year. Washingtonians deserve fresher ideas, more accountable leadership, and better outcomes—not the same tired set of ideas the governor has already failed to enact during his first eight years in office.”


Washington State House Republican Communications