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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

When we learned the state had a $2.4 billion budget surplus, House Republicans immediately began working on proposals to provide tax relief for Washingtonians. I introduced a bill to provide a billion-dollar tax cut by delivering $30 car tabs and eliminating the sales tax on all food bought at grocery stores, as well as on a number of other basic personal necessities.

Last Friday, the majority party brought their supplemental operating budget to the House floor for a vote. I proposed an alternative budget that would have funded the governor’s entire budget proposal and the working families tax credit and my billion-dollar tax cut, all of which would have still left a $350 million surplus. Unfortunately, the majority party rejected my proposal and passed their own, which spends nearly all of our surplus and provides no tax relief.

At one point during the four-hour floor debate, I noted: “Instead of putting people first, this budget puts the government first.” When the governor signs it into law, spending will have increased nearly 75% since 2013—the year he took office. And despite our state’s robust economic growth and significant budget surplus, there is evidently no desire on the other side of the aisle to reduce taxes for Washington’s working families.

If you’re interested, here’s a recap of the budget debate, which you are welcome to share!


Drew Stokesbary

State Representative Drew Stokesbary, 31st Legislative District
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