Rep. Drew Stokesbary issues statement on House Democrats’ supplemental operating budget proposal

Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, released the following statement Monday regarding the House Democrats' supplemental operating budget proposal.

“With surging state revenue creating a $2.4 billion surplus, I am disappointed the majority would spend every last dime instead of providing any tax relief or making wise long-term investments.

“Our current budget surplus is so large, we could fund the governor's entire budget proposal and still have well over a billion dollars left for tax cuts and other programs. That's why House Republicans have unanimously proposed a $1 billion tax cut for working Washingtonians. Our plan would reduce sales taxes and deliver the $30 car tabs voters have demanded while avoiding disruption to road projects and transit services.

“By growing spending by more than $2 billion, the majority's budget makes it increasingly likely that new taxes will be necessary next year to support this additional spending. And by neglecting to offer a long-term solution for $30 car tabs, their budget vastly increases the likelihood of a new gas tax or miles-traveled tax in the near future.

“As session winds down, Republicans will continue to point out—in Committee, on the House floor, and to our constituents—that Washington can easily afford to invest in critical government services and cut taxes.”


Washington State House Republican Communications