Legislature passes capital budget, Stokesbary says funding included to address Carbonado sewer leak

Late Thursday night, the Washington State Legislature passed a strong, bipartisan $4.17 billion capital budget.

Rep. Drew Stokesbary said that while negotiations were long and difficult, they eventually resulted in new funding for many essential projects throughout the 31st District. One of the largest projects in the state funded by the capital budget is the replacement of the sewer system in Carbonado. Rep. Stokesbary was instrumental in securing over $13.3 million in capital funding for the project.

“The failing sewer system in Carbonado is a huge public health and safety issue. The clay sewer lines are 100 years old and they run close to the town’s water lines and in many places are just a few inches below ground level, including through the school playground. Town officials have been working tirelessly on a plan to replace the system, and it was critical we address this issue as soon as possible. I am pleased the capital budget includes the resources needed to replace the town’s sewer system,” said Stokesbary, R-Auburn.

The capital budget funds infrastructure projects around the state, such as school construction, low-income housing, mental health facilities, and natural resources protection.

Other projects in the capital budget for the 31st Legislative District include:

  • $500,000 to Nexus Youth and Families (formerly Auburn Youth Resources) for a homeless and behavior health services facility;
  • $2.8 million to connect the Buckley and Enumclaw Foothills Trails, including a bike and pedestrian bridge over the White River;
  • $763,000 for the Auburn Valley YMCA’s campus expansion project;
  • $620,000 for upgrades to Rainier School in Buckley;
  • $500,000 for phase 1 of a new Edgewood Community Park;
  • $43,000 for Roosevelt Park in Wilkeson;
  • $7.75 million for new flood control and salmon restoration projects along the Puyallup, White and Carbon rivers;
  • $103,000 for a new Daffodil Heritage Float barn near Sumner;
  • $9.3 million to replace and modernize Elk Ridge Elementary School in Buckley;
  • $5.4 million for a new elementary school in Tahaleh;
  • $2.6 million to upgrade the Carbonado school building;
  • $17.3 million to replace Olympic Middle School in Auburn;
  • $7.5 million to replace and modernize Emerald Hills Elementary School in Bonney Lake;
  • $5.6 million to replace and modernize Wilkeson Elementary School; and
  • $8.1 million to replace and modernize Glacier Middle School in Buckley.

The 2017-19 capital budget, Senate Bill 6090, passed by a vote of 95-1 in the House of Representatives and 49-0 in the Senate.

The bond authorization bill for the capital budget, House Bill 1080, passed by a vote of 94-2 in the House of Representatives and a vote of 47-2 in the Senate.

The governor signed both bills into law on Friday.


Washington State House Republican Communications