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Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, and Rep. Robert Sutherland, R-Granite Falls, join Bill Radke on KUOW to discuss Rep. Stokesbary's bill to allow universities to pay NCAA athletes.

Jan. 24, 2019

Rep. Drew Stokesbary R-Auburn, discusses the governor's budget proposal and potential tax increases on KVI with Kirby Wilbur.

Jan. 21, 2019

Rep. Drew Stokesbary is the new Republican budget leader on the House Appropriations Committee. He talks with House Republican Communications Director John Handy about his new role, the governor's budget proposal...

Jan. 15, 2019

The state House of Representatives approved a bill that would provide a one-time property tax reduction next year. Although some Republican lawmakers voted for the measure, most Republicans agreed the Legislature...

March 9, 2018

Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, updates KVI on proposed gun control measures and details how Democrats voted against a Republican amendment that would place armed resource officers in schools. The House Republican...

Feb. 27, 2018

Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, talks about his role as an assistant floor leader and how his profession as an attorney assists him in the position, He covers a wide range of...

Feb. 19, 2018

Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, talks with KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson about the impacts of the governor's proposed carbon tax on lower-income families.

Feb. 13, 2018

Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, talks with Mary Strow on the Washington Research Council podcast , about his experience as relatively new legislator and his motivations for becoming a public official. Stokesbary...

March 17, 2017