Radio Report: Lawmakers adjourn the 2024 session after 60 days of work to fix Washington

Lawmakers at the state Capitol in Olympia adjourned the 2024 legislative session early Thursday evening. House Republicans say they were able to stop some bad bills and pass three citizens’ initiatives, but more work is needed to fix Washington. John Sattgast reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

SATTGAST: The 60-day session ended with a pound of the gavel.

SPEAKER: (Gavel pounds) “The Legislature is adjourned!”

SATTGAST: House Republican Leader Drew Stokesbary said Republicans stopped bills that would have increased property tax increases, imposed rent control, and put felons on juries. But he’s frustrated majority Democrats ignored policy solutions on the state’s drug crisis, housing, childcare, education, public safety, and affordability.

STOKESBARY: “I think we did a pretty good job this session, stopping us from continuing to go in the wrong direction. But we’ve still done very little to actually fix Washington.”

SATTGAST: House Republican Deputy Leader Mike Steele says Washington citizens won passage of initiatives on police pursuit, income tax, and parents’ rights. Three other initiatives on the carbon tax, long-term care, and capital gains tax will go to the November ballot.

STEELE: “The work is not done. One of the things that’s super important is that we come back here in the next legislative session, and we’re prepared to stop these bad policies. And we need to continue to fight to ensure those Washingtonians that I represent are not continually hurt over here in Olympia.”

SATTGAST: John Sattgast, the state Capitol.


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