Radio Report: House Republicans send letters to Democratic committee chairs formally requesting hearings on citizens’ initiatives

Ranking Republican lawmakers have sent letters to Democratic committee leaders in the state House, making another request for public hearings on six initiatives of the people. Nic Scott reports from the state Capitol.

 Radio Report Transcript

NIC SCOTT: House Republican Leader Drew Stokesbary said the letters from House Republican ranking members and assistant ranking members urge the House Democratic chairs and vice chairs to set aside time to hear from the people.

STOKESBARY: “We have now asked the committee chairs, in a formal manner, to hold hearings as is their prerogative. We should begin scheduling hearings right away.”

NIC SCOTT: The written requests from Republican lawmakers reminds Democrats of their constitutional obligation, and that thousands of citizens signed the initiatives to instruct the Legislature of the important policies that should be considered.

STOKESBARY: “The excuses that we were given by the House Majority Leader were along the lines of these decisions are up to the chair of the committees and because these initiatives aren’t subject to cut-off, there’s plenty of time later in session to take them up.”

NIC SCOTT: Still, Democrats have shown no interest to conduct public hearings.

Nic Scott, the state Capitol.


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